Books with heart and soul -II

I stumbled across “The girl who loved caterpillars” when M was in love with every little thing that crawled. This book is about Izume a little girl who dares to be different and takes pride in her individuality. Her story is part of a much longer story about Japanese court and is set in the 12th century. Children I worked with loved this book because they could relate to Izumi’s  love for creepy crawlies. 

This sun, the wind and the rain brings the concept of mountain formation alive in the minds of young children. It tells the story of two mountains. The earth makes one and Elizabeth in her yellow sun hat makes the other.

The Fox’s Egg is a book that found me. This book is profound! Ikuyo Isami tells the story of a wandering fox that finds an abandoned egg and resists the urge to eat it. The fox does not start off with the best of intent but the experience ends up changing her. Kids absolutely love this book! The stunning illustration is a bonus.

When I look at this book Rachenka’s eggs by Patrica Polacco, it remind’s me of the beautiful  design work our children do with the drawing insets. The heartwarming story is a bonus. I’ve read this book to many 4 and 5 year olds and I love when they point out that Rechenka’s eggs look like the designs they themselves make.  

A single jade pebble is given by Mei to her father to carry on his journey selling silk on the silk road. Mei wants to send a present to a child who lives at the end of the road. The story that follows narrates  how this impossible idea is made possible for little Mei. The journey takes you from China, through central Asia and Europe and finally to a little boy in Venice.

These books have helped children gain language, opened up conversations and sparked an interest in a big idea. Most of all I love them as they demonstrate the connection we share with this world past and present.

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